My favorite pregnancy symptoms

The other week I wrote a kind of negative nancy post on surprising pregnancy symptoms. It scared my friend about pregnancy. And I don’t even think I have it that bad!

Really, I’d say most of my negative symptoms are more inconvenient than hard.

But let’s be positive today. Here are my favorite parts about being pregnant – the things I might actually miss once the baby is here.

-Baby kicks! This is by far the best side effect of pregnancy – getting to feel the baby move inside me. I think Peter’s jealous (although the baby is really cooperative and will kick for him when he puts his hand on my belly). When I’m at work or in a meeting and I feel the baby move, it’s like we have a little secret bond that no one knows about. As Baby has grown, it’s gotten uncomfortable at times when he or she is moving around higher up in my abdomen. But I still love it.

-Excuses. This is really lame of me to admit, but when else will I have an excuse not to carry in all the groceries or help move a piece of furniture? Normally, I am more than willing to help do things like that, but it’s kind of nice not doing it (for good reason). It didn’t get me out of fertilizing the lawn last weekend, though.

-New wardrobe. While I don’t exactly feel the most attractive in my present state, it has been kind of nice putting away most of my usual clothes and busting out a new wardrobe from borrowed clothes and new finds. I am not a big shopper, so a lot of my normal clothes I’ve had for a while and don’t really miss. The flip side of this is that my wardrobe is more limited and I am starting to get sick of my maternity work pants since I only have one pair (I switch them off with jeans and dresses/skirts). But back to the positive, I actually like my two pairs of maternity jeans more than my regular jeans.

-Food mentality. I must say, it’s refreshing to not associate food with weight/size. Now, when I eat healthfully, I gain weight. When I eat too many desserts, I gain weight too. My eating habits don’t really have a noticeable effect on my size (note that this is also because I have not gone to one extreme or the other with food – my eating habits haven’t actually changed much and I think they are fairly balanced). I don’t strive for a balanced diet so my pants won’t get too tight. I do it so Baby and I will be healthy. It’s nice not thinking at all about pants fitting.

-New relationships. Being pregnant is the best conversation starter. I’ve gotten to know several coworkers better by swapping pregnancy/parenting stories. I’ve learned more about all sorts of people in my life, from friends to the cashier at my Pick ‘N’ Save. It’s an instant bond with other parents, who are excited to see another person joining their ranks.

-Dreams. Though I’ve had my share of nightmares while pregnant, I also get to dream. Daydream. A lot. About everything baby/family related. It’s fun to imagine the future (though I know it will likely be nothing like I’m picturing). I dream about what our kids will look like and act like, how we’ll be as parents, how big our family will be and what everyone’s names will be. I get to look at little tiny newborn onesies and picture our baby in them. And that’s a really easy way to get happy instantly.

That’s just a glimpse at the happy side of pregnancy. I really, truly believe the good outweighs the bad. Though I’ll be glad to be able to run again and drink margaritas and [I’m really hoping] have clear skin, I’m enjoying this temporary state of housing a baby inside me.

4 thoughts on “My favorite pregnancy symptoms

  1. Jamie @ Food in Real Life says:

    What a wonderful list! I totally relate. I absolutely adore baby kicks during work- it makes me so happy and I definitely feel that special bond between the baby and I. I also enjoy it if I wake up in the middle of the night or something- it’s like I know that she is awake too, and it warms my heart that we’re in this thing together.

    I also agree about getting to know co-workers! I started a new job when I was about 24 weeks pregnant, and it’s really helped to open up conversations to everyone at work.


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