Prepared to be unprepared

It’s November 1, also known as TWO MONTHS UNTIL MY DUE DATE!

OK, I won’t freak out in this post. But I might at some point.

I’m actually feeling a little bit more prepared (so not the right word) for labor and delivery now that we’re three quarters of the way through with our childbirth class at the hospital. Last night was class number three, which focused on our tour of the birth center, reviewing all the pain management techniques we’ve learned and going through a mock labor to practice sitting/standing positions, breathing and just generally knowing what to do during each stage of labor.

Sadly, Peter was out of town for work, so I had to do the mock labor without my beloved birth partner. But I think it ended up being a good thing, because when I got home I called him and tried to relay all the information we reviewed and learned in class. Just going over it one more time will help it stick, I think. Pregnancy has been hard on my brain and I noticed in class that I had completely forgotten some of the things we learned just a week or two ago. The extra review was a very good thing.

I also feel a bit more prepared because I’ve been reading other [formerly] pregnant bloggers’ birth stories and discovering just how unpredictable labor can be. That doesn’t sound like it makes very much sense, but what I’m getting at is, well, you can’t ever really be prepared. If Peter or I can remember when to call the hospital and how to get there, plus some of the breathing and pain management techniques we’ve been practicing, I think we can survive. I know it’s going to be really hard and really painful, but for every person on earth (7 billion as of yesterday, maybe) there’s a woman who went through labor and delivery.

I’m not planning on writing up a “birth plan,” mainly because I don’t know what it’s going to be like. My loose “non-plan” is to work with Peter to employ all the natural pain management techniques we’ve learned and be ready to deal with a lot of pain. If there comes a point when I feel pain meds are necessary, I’ll take them. I’d like to get as far as I can without them, but I know there’s a high chance I’ll want the relief at some point and I’m OK with that. But I’m definitely not going to be a wimp about it. I don’t expect it to be easy.

My next step in feeling prepared is to pack our “goodie bag,” as our class instructor, Sue, calls it. In it will be all the things to help me through labor – music, lotion, massage tools, “focal point,” snacks, etc.

Any recommendations for relaxing music to add to my labor playlist?

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