31 weeks

As I’ve entered the 30s as far as weeks go and realized that I’m now down to a single digit weekly countdown until my due date, I’ve sort of begun to freak out.

But first, some photos:

[You’d think I’d be an expert at looking normal in this pose by now, but I still somehow manage to make a weird face each week.]

And if you’re wondering, that’s a Liz Lange (from Target) maternity “coverup.” $12.48. I think it has a Halloween vibe to it (there’s lace at the bottom of the sleeves and along the slit neckline).

Anyway… so nine weeks until my due date! That means nine weeks until New Year’s Day. If that makes you freak out a little bit about all the holidays creeping up on us and winter weather, etc. etc., then you might have a tiny idea how I’ve been feeling.

I’ve been in massive nesting mode. Yesterday I picked up and cleared clutter out of our bedroom, the family room, office and kitchen, vacuumed the entire house, washed bath mats and rugs plus two other loads of laundry, made a bunch of piles of things to get stored in the basement and to be donated, reorganized a couple kitchen cabinets and made a few decor changes to the family room. And that was just yesterday! Also this week I completely cleaned out our office closet and reorganized (aka organized) all my gift wrap and craft supplies. I just can’t stand clutter and disorganization right now!

I don’t even know if any of that actually counts as “nesting” since it really doesn’t directly have to do with the baby at all. But there’s plenty to do in that regard, and that’s contributing to my freaked out state as well.


Physically, I’ve been feeling pretty good, though I developed a cold on Thursday, a.k.a. the day after I emailed my friend who lives thousands of miles away and is 18 weeks pregnant and told her I hoped I didn’t get sick again during this pregnancy because when I was sick earlier in the summer it was BRUTAL. Figures.

I’ve had nasal congestion my entire pregnancy, but this is definitely a cold. Sudafed is safe to take and has been helping me breathe though.

I also felt like I was getting shin splints in my left leg earlier this week, but it’s feeling better now so hopefully that will stay away.

Other than that, I was a judge for the newspaper’s annual holiday cookie contest, which welcomed entries this past week, so I spent much of the week feeling super stuffed and in a sugar coma. I know it sounds like a dream job, and cookie judging is fun for the first few cookies, but by the end of the week when you’ve tasted 100 different cookies (literally) you kind of just want to curl into a ball and have something salty before passing out.

But Baby has been active (sugar high?) and kicking quite a bit. Sometimes it almost hurts if I’m taken by surprise and it’s under my rib or something. I definitely love feeling every movement though. I imagine I’ll miss it when he/she is no longer living inside me.


I really wanted to dress up in a creative pregnant Halloween costume this year for my coworkers’ annual Halloween party. The best I could come up with was Juno:

Fun fact: Diablo Cody, who wrote “Juno” and won an Oscar for it, went to my high school.

The costume is made even more fitting because the party is hosted by our movie critic.

Unfortunately, I was just not feeling up for going out last night. After my massive house cleaning/organizing binge, I still had energy, but my immune system did not. The party was outside in their garage and front yard (with scary movies playing on a big screen) so it probably wouldn’t have been the smartest to spend the night in 40-degree temps.

Speaking of Halloween, our doorbell has started ringing with trick-or-treaters! The Milwaukee area is weird and almost all cities do trick-or-treating on non-Halloween nights (weekends) so they can set hours that are during daylight. New Berlin has fairly normal hours (4-7 p.m.) that straddle daylight and dark, and while the whole weekend thing is convenient for people like us who work during the day, I still think it’s royally silly not to just do it on Halloween.

Anyway, time to go man the front door. Happy Halloween!

Have you seen or dressed up in any good pregnant costumes? Would love to hear about them!

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