The nursery: Inspiration board and new rug

I left you yesterday with the before pictures of the nursery (a.k.a. current guest bedroom). Oh, the suspense! 😉

The one thing I knew about the nursery from the beginning was I didn’t want to paint the walls. They are a very pale blue color that I think is pretty and relaxing. No need to mess with that. So the next step in my mind was finding a pretty rug that I could use as the base for the room’s accessories (and to cover up some of the burber carpet that isn’t very cozy).

I looked at just about every rug on Wayfair and Home Decorators and in a rare moment of decisiveness, picked one out. That was the base of my inspiration board on Olioboard (great site for collecting design ideas for a room).

The idea is to keep the changes simple. We’re just sprucing up the room for Baby.

I kept being drawn to turquoise, and decided that it would be a fun accent color. We already have a bookshelf almost exactly like that one in the room, and it would be easy to paint it. I picked up two mirrors at Target that we can paint the same shade of turquoise.

The first step, though, was buying the rug. Once I knew just how it looked in person, it’d be easier to plan.

Let me just preface this series of photos by saying Biggles really likes this rug. It has a new-car smell to it and it’s really soft, so after I rolled it out he proceeded to rub his body over every square inch of it.

Basil was a little more cautious about it.

My thoughts: it’s actually a different color than I was expecting. The photo on Wayfair looked gray with yellow designs. In reality, it’s more like light blue with tan designs. But I still really like it and think it will work in the room. It’s also very thick and soft. I kind of don’t blame Biggles for wanting to roll all over it.

So that’s progress, people! We have a rug.

Of course, after the shower, the room just looks like this:

I actually sort of attempted to pile things by category as I unpacked them, but there’s definitely still a lot of organizing to do.

I’d love to know, where do you go for design inspiration? I usually start with a rug (which can take years for me to pick out – I’ll tell you about that later) or browse Young House Love and other blogs. This was my first time using Olioboard, and now that I have a computer that isn’t super slow, I love it!

5 thoughts on “The nursery: Inspiration board and new rug

  1. eribear says:

    I love it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! The rug is great!

    My inspiration for bedrooms usually starts with the perfect duvet cover, which also can take me years to find. For our nursery, I found the perfect flat sheet, and am using that as my inspiration!


  2. Jamie @ FoodinRealLife says:

    Your kitties are so cute!! I used to have a cat named Basil too, he was the best 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one whose nursery isn’t perfect yet! I wish it was, but we’re so not there yet! I’m sure yours will look great! The inspiration board is so pretty!


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