30 weeks and a baby shower

The big 3-0! And I’m all warm and fuzzy from this weekend spent with my closest friends and family members, enjoying fall weather and activities on Saturday and my baby shower today.

Four of my BFFs and college roommates (we all lived in one room together in our sorority house one year  – and shared an amazing communal closet) came into town for the weekend from Missouri and NYC. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent most of Saturday at a huge apple orchard and pumpkin patch in Maple Park, Ill.

So many laughs and great conversations. So much has changed since college, and yet nothing has.

Today was baby shower day – again, lots of laughs and fun spending time with friends and family.

Baby was being shy and refused to kick under all the pressure!

My sister and mom hosted the shower at White Chocolate Grill in Naperville. It started with mingling and a delicious lunch.

I’ll be dreaming of this dessert for a while – warm blonde brownie with chocolate oozing out of it and topped with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate shavings:

My mom and Lauren kept everything simple, but with lovely attention to detail.

They even made the “Ready to Pop” popcorn favors [seen above and closer below] from scratch – like, crafted the boxes out of cardstock and stuck the letters and stamp on, plus the homemade popcorn with white chocolate and pastel candies. My sister, the Pinterest addict, found the idea on this blog (via Pinterest of course).

There were some challenging baby-themed crossword puzzles and word scrambles on the table that my pregnant brain couldn’t handle.

And we played two fun shower games. In the first, we had to guess what Peter’s answers were to a bunch of questions about babies and our baby. Like, how many diapers does a baby go through in a day? And how many diapers will you change in a day? (Surprisingly, Peter answered that he would change 40% of the diapers! I thought he would say zero – ha.)

We also played “guess the belly size” with ribbon. Everyone guessed too big (some by a lot!) but Nana guessed my exact belly circumference!

We now have lots of adorable baby items (rubber ducky-themed everything is so in). I especially loved how those who have recent experience with babies gave us things they knew were tried and true.

And my aunt crocheted this incredibly soft blanket! I am so touched. I know the baby will love it just as much as I loved the blanket my grandparents’ friend sewed for me when I was born.

I drove home from Naperville feeling incredibly loved and blessed to have spent the weekend with such supportive loved ones.

Back to reality tomorrow! And childbirth class #2 after a busy workday of meetings.

4 thoughts on “30 weeks and a baby shower

  1. mcelweewife says:

    You look RADIANT!! Hard to believe you’re a little over 7 months, you look more like 5 months. The baby shower looked like a lot of fun! Your mom and friend did a great job.


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