First childbirth class

Where has the week gone?!

Alas, it’s already Thursday. I had a super productive day at work, which hopefully means tomorrow I can get out a little early to head to Naperville for Fonte-side baby shower weekend, which also means adventures with four of my college roommates who are coming into town. Yay!

Tonight I spent 2 hours and more money than I care to admit at Target. I took my sweet time picking through their maternity section (dismal) for an outfit for my shower. There were a total of maybe 3 maternity dresses, all on the clearance rack and with slim pickins on sizes. None of them were very cute, so I browsed the non-maternity section as well, and actually found something off the sale rack there that I love.

I am currently loving stripes + polka dots, but I wasn’t sure whether that’s acceptable in real life. Thankfully a quick pic text to my sister confirmed that I am not the only one who thinks it’s cute.

I’ll love the dress more when I’m not pregnant, but it works for now even though it doesn’t fit 100% like it’s supposed to.

I also got a little insane and bought a ton of cute gift bags that were 50% off – it’s possible that we’ll be going to nine weddings next year (plus showers to go with many of them) so I figure I’ll use them all just for that. Is planning 9 months in advance for things like that considered nesting???

Speaking of nesting, I also bought something for the nursery that fits with my newfound vision for it, which I’ll share soon!


Now that I’ve gotten completely off track, let’s talk about Monday night: our highly anticipated childbirth class! Class number one of four, that is.

To be honest, the actual labor and delivery has been one of the things I haven’t thought much about yet. I’ve read a couple birth stories of bloggers I’ve been following who have had their bebes (one is in labor right now! Her story sounds like it will be a long and painful one… hope things start improving for her) and I’ve read a bit about it in the booklet I got from my doc way back at 8 weeks, but that’s about it.

So I was eager to really start learning and planning from this class.

The first class was an overview of the stages of labor and an introduction to natural comfort techniques like breathing, relaxation exercises and different positions to sit or stand in. Yes, class involved back and hand massages, soothing music and relaxing visualizations. Awesome! The instructor was very clear that we need to practice these with our partners at home and I made sure Peter was listening closely when she mentioned this.

We also watched several actual births (on video, obvi). This was fascinating to me, to actually see what happens. It wasn’t always pretty. Peter giggled like a school boy at some parts, and I admit he made me laugh at one part where the camera zoomed in on the nearly comatose, non-medicated mom slurping a popsicle while taking a bath. I’m sure I won’t be laughing when it’s me though. (The rest of our class was very mature and didn’t snicker a bit. Oops.)

One highlight of the class was discovering that three of us (out of eight couples) are due on January 1. What are the odds?!

Another highlight was hearing the bell ring throughout the hospital – that means a baby was just born! I almost cried. Every time a baby is delivered, they ring the bell.

Overall, the instructor packed a ton of great information into the 2.5-hour session. I’m excited to learn more next week!

Afterward Peter commented that labor and birth seem so bizarre and other-worldly. I have to agree. After hours of pain and intensity, your body does something that seems impossible. I’m confident that I’ll be able to handle it, but it’s still weird to think about at this point.

Thoughts on: Stripes+polka dots? Labor? Medicated vs. natural birth? (I don’t have a strong opinion either way – I think I’m going to just see how things go) Do share!

6 thoughts on “First childbirth class

  1. Jamie @ FoodinRealLife says:

    You look great in your shower outfit! Love it! I find maternity dresses to be HIDEOUS. Why do all maternity designers want us to only wear
    a.) wrap dresses
    b.) bold graphic prints

    No thanks. I’m wearing a dress to a wedding this weekend that isn’t maternity. It just has a fit that works with this huge belly o’mine.

    I agree that labor is totally other-wordly. Pregnancy on the whole is pretty darn crazy. Reminds me of the amazing complexities of the human body. I could go on and on…but I’ll stop. πŸ™‚


    • Alison says:

      You are so right about the wrap dresses and bold graphic prints! That’s exactly what Target had and they were all ugly and not my style at all. On another note, this Target mixed plus size and maternity in the same area and that was really confusing!


  2. Jane Weinstock says:

    Love the outfit… πŸ™‚ As far as birthing plans go, plan for the unplanned as babies have final say anyway…. πŸ™‚ We have four, all labors/deliveries pretty tell tale however our 3rd came SO fast that the epidural didn’t do much good…..and as crazy as it sounds, enjoy every moment as it goes entirely to fast…. πŸ™‚


    • Alison says:

      You know, after watching those labors and births in class I sort of saw it in a new light as an experience to cherish, not fear, so your advice to enjoy every moment makes complete sense!


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