29 weeks

Late posting my weekly picture! This is from Sunday, when Peter and I were in Missouri visiting his family and friends. The weekend was pretty much 100% relaxation. We just hung out, visited with people, played games, went out to eat and took it easy. It was nice just letting everything go for a few days, especially since these next few weeks are going to be pretty busy.

It was quite a challenge taking this pic because it was windy and my eyes kept watering like crazy!

Biggest new symptom this (last) week has been itchy stomach. I think it partially had to do with my stylish maternity jeans (seen above), which I wore all weekend. They have a full stretchy panel that comes up over your stomach, which I love, but I switched to my new maternity work pants on Monday and haven’t been as itchy (although they have a full panel too, so maybe my theory is completely false).

The baby is also definitely getting big! I can now feel much harder kicks and sometimes it feels like he or she is up in my ribcage. Sitting in certain positions, namely half-reclining positions, oddly, is not very comfortable.

In other news

Some exciting new developments this week (Week 30 – whoa!) include our first childbirth class, our first big nursery purchase and our first baby shower this weekend! Stay tuned for more on all that.

2 thoughts on “29 weeks

  1. mcelweewife says:

    Oh I am so happy for you and the hubby! What exciting times ❤
    Kudos to you for maintaining a healthy weight thus far. You look really fit!


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