A mystery bag

I came into work yesterday morning to find this sitting on my chair:

No, not the cat. The bag of baby clothes!

It’s filled with some adorable little outfits. The ducky onesie at the top actually has little duck feet. Swoon! I’m tellin’  ya, there are plenty of cute gender-neutral clothes out there.

But I digress.

This lovely bag of goodies was accompanied by no note, no email, no Facebook message, no tweet nor any other indication as to whom it is from. Obviously, it’s one of my co-workers, but I can’t figure out who!

Most likely, I had a conversation with someone at some point, probably a while ago, and they asked if I would like some hand-me-down clothes, and I said yes, of course. But it’s true what they say about pregnancy brain. I am just plain forgetful and ditzy these days, so if that conversation did indeed happen, I don’t remember whom it was with.

I’m hoping the mystery person will reveal him or herself so I can give a proper thank you. Until then I’ll keep racking my brain. I did contemplate sending out a newsroom-wide email but decided that might be too much.

But this brings me to a larger point. We have been blessed by so many generous friends and acquaintances over these past few months that it makes my heart swell. I have only had to buy a couple pieces of maternity clothes because people have lent me – or even just given me – theirs. We have a nice little start to baby’s wardrobe thanks to hand-me-downs (from kindred not-finding-out-the-gender parents especially) and early gifts. I have more pregnancy/first year books than I can possibly read (but I’m still trying to skim a lot of them!) I even appreciate all the advice veteran parents have offered. #lovefest

But I’ve been adamant about sending thank you cards, so I will not be able to sleep until this anonymous donor is identified. [Actually, that’s a lie. I sleep 9 hours a night and can’t drag myself out of bed in the morning. But you get my point.] Time to get investigating…

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