Bargain hunting

I’ve started checking Craigslist almost every day for certain baby items, and some of the deals out there are too good to pass up. Last week I bought a new, in-the-package, unfortunately named “My Brest Friend” breastfeeding pillow for $18 (usually retails ~$40).

I started scoping out some deals on Medela breast pumps, but I’m a little nervous to pull the trigger on a [very reasonably priced and good-condition, sanitized] used pump just because I’ve read that you’re not supposed to buy a used pump, period. For safety reasons. But what I don’t understand is how it’s OK to rent one from a hospital? Anyone have thoughts on this? By buying used, I could potentially save $200+.

I did find a decent-looking running stroller for $25 on Craiglist and am waiting to hear back from the seller. I don’t see how that could be a bad purchase. The risk of it sucking is worth $25.

But my mom found the best deal of all. A great-condition Baby Bjorn for $0. That’s right, free. From a garage sale where they were apparently giving things away.

I gave it a test drive last night with Basil. She wasn’t too into it.

6 thoughts on “Bargain hunting

  1. lmeverson says:

    Poor kitty!!!! Hahaha. She is too cute! But, I think your little one will be cuter in there. 😉

    I can’t give much advice on the things mentioned in the post, but I will say that while CL is awesome for finding good, used things, I don’t know about a used pump! That skeeves me out a bit…


    • Alison Sherwood says:

      I guess I should clarify further — you can change the tubes and other parts that touch you or the milk (I don’t really understand how it even works at this point but that’s what I’ve been told) but the reason you aren’t supposed to buy used is because apparently there is some part of it that the milk would touch that you can’t switch out (but you can clean). But then the same source that says not to buy used recommends renting from a hospital. How is that any different? I actually think renting creeps me out more.


  2. eribear says:

    I think buying used is awesome, the only things I wouldn’t buy used for a baby are a crib and a car seat for safety purposes. I’m not sure about a pump, I don’t think I would buy it used. I agree, renting a pump is also weird, though I would trust the hospital to properly sanitize it.

    The cat looks so unhappy. I love it!


  3. Jamie @ FoodinRealLife says:

    I’m using my sister’s breast pump and changing the tubing. Not sure how I’d feel about using a stranger’s but I understand the savings element. I’d probably ask a doctor or a lactation specialist about it to know for sure.


  4. Rebecca C says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person who has test driven a baby carrier with a cat.

    Mine was a Moby, with a big fat cat. He loved it ridiculously much.


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