26 weeks

The weeks are flying by! Photographed at the parentals’ today.

Still putting off buying a good pair of maternity jeans, but I really should just pony up for a pair that fits well. These old jeans from an era when I weighed a bit more (freshman fifteen, anyone?) fit in the sense that they button, but they’re still too big in the thighs and are starting to get uncomfortable after sitting for a while. In fact, I had to unbutton them on the car ride to Naperville yesterday, and then forgot to re-button them before hopping out of the car at Bed Bath and Beyond. Awkward.

Overall, feeling pretty good, but it’s been a tiring week. I simply could not drag myself out of bed without at least 9 hours of sleep each day. It felt like the first trimester again. Baby is still kicking, but it seems like less than before, which makes me nervous. Sometimes I chug ice water just to wake him/her up and feel some movement.

This was a fun weekend though. Lots of special events.

Friday was Peter’s 28th birthday, so I planned a night out for us. We started with dinner at Harbor House (lovely view, good food, classy atmosphere and surprise flourless chocolate cake with sorbet and a candle).

Next, we headed to the Marcus Center to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s Fifth. This was our first time seeing the MSO, and they were excellent. Unfortunately, me + a delicious dinner + the clock reading past 8:30 p.m. + soothing classical music + comfy seat = sleep. For the last 2/3 of the concert I struggled [really hard] to keep my eyes open. Not fun! I would blame pregnancy, but it probably would have happened regardless. Peter really enjoyed it though.

Since Peter is a proud Marriott elite gold rewards member (thanks to work travels) and we had a free hotel room to use up this month, we stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn downtown.

Last birthday before baby and we enjoyed it just the two of us.

[Thank you, Instagram, for taking a crappily-lit iPhone photo and making it look like it was supposed to be shot that way]

Saturday brought more celebration. My sister’s future in-laws threw a spectacular engagement party for them in Naperville, Ill.

[Lauren & Kevin]

Thankfully, my very favorite little black dress (that has seen me through many occasions over the past five years) works with the bump. Here are the bridesmaids:

[If I were smart, I would have ditched the heels by this point too. Still feeling the effects of them today…]

And today was yet another celebration. Lauren and I attempted to plan a surprise brunch for my parents’ 30th anniversary, which was last Monday, but we weren’t cunning enough to make it a surprise. So instead, it was just a nice homemade brunch with family.

On the menu: blueberry scones, lemon poppyseed bread, baked Denver omelet, baked cranberry oatmeal, fresh fruit and monkey bread. Winning.

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