We finally registered

Or, at least, started to register…

My mom has been begging me for several weeks to decide on where to register so she can send out baby shower invites. On Sunday I finally did.

This was definitely something that I’ve been putting off. I get way more overwhelmed than I should about decisions like this. Heck, I get so overwhelmed by all the toilet paper options at the store that I put it off until there are approximately four squares of toilet paper left in our house and then I beg Peter to go buy it. When I am faced with the toilet paper aisle, I become obsessed with finding the perfect marriage between price and quality and the seemingly simple decision becomes far, far too complicated (can someone just tell me which brand is the best value?).

So you can imagine how daunting picking out baby products seems to me.

The best piece of advice I’ve gotten so far in this pregnancy was to buy the book “Baby Bargains.” It finally came in the mail earlier this week and it already has been a lifesaver. The authors review every product imaginable (to me) with the perfect amount of detail based on a nice mix of research, parenting experience and reader feedback. They also spend a decent amount of time just explaining what features are out there on different products and why you might want them (or not). Basically, this book has introduced me to the world of baby junk and helped me form some educated opinions in a very short amount of time.

Of course before I could start putting those newfound opinions to work, I had to decide where to register. I had been browsing message boards and blogs for several weeks now and collecting advice on different stores. Yesterday, it basically came down to Buy Buy Baby and Babies ‘R’ Us. “Baby Bargains” helped me make the final decision by highly recommending Buy Buy Baby.

Phew, one decision down!

Buy Buy Baby is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond, which is where we registered for our wedding, so we kind of knew what to expect. It was, in fact, exactly like our wedding registry experience except everything in the store was baby-related. An associate walked through the store with us and, with incredible patience, explained and demonstrated most of the big-ticket products. We were like clueless puppies armed with a scanning gun and lots of questions, like, “Why do you need this?” and “What does this do?” [Thankfully we didn’t get laughed out of the store or told we were unfit to be parents.]

When it wasn’t completely overwhelming, it was actually fun! Peter got gun-happy and scanned almost anything I showed more than remote interest in. I got to test drive the strollers I’ve been eying (that’s about the only thing I’ve put significant thought into so far). And we both came to the mutual decision that we do NOT want a kit to make a plaster mold of my pregnant belly. [Googling that led me to this and this, which are equally, if not more, ridiculous.]

We still have a long way to go and lots of editing to do, but I’m just glad to have it started. FINALLY. Once we get closer to completing our list of things to buy and register for, I’ll share some picks.

Now I have to ask, any recommended brands/items?

5 thoughts on “We finally registered

  1. Sara Klipstein says:

    Congrats on expecting your first baby! The book you mentioned sounds awesome. I have a 2 year old son, and when I was registering I asked all my friends who were moms to recommend products for me. That helped me feel less overwhelmed when going in to register or figuring out what exactly I needed. One of the best purchases we made was a papasan cradle swing. Our son LOVED it and he would often nap in his swing better than his crib. I really like this type of swing because you can adjust the baby’s positioning to sit up more or recline more, and you can adjust how they swing…front to back or side to side. It does take up some space, but well worth it for the months you will use it. Here’s a link to the type of swing I’m talking about.



  2. Alison Sherwood says:

    Pasting a few recs from Facebook to keep them in one place – and in case this helps anyone else:

    Katie Wilson My cousins swear on the Bumbo chair and tray

    Laura Brinkmann Yes, yes, yes! We didn’t know about the Bumbo until we got one at our first shower from another mother who swears by them, and I have given them to every expectant mother I’ve gone to a shower for since (whether they register for one or not).


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