Baby’s first karaoke night

Just another drunk chick channeling Bill Medley [Time Of My Life] from behind the karaoke monitor.

Wait a second… she’s pregnant? And, more surprisingly, SOBER?!


See, it’s just the side view that gives it away 😉

And yes, karaoke is still fun without liquid courage… though the bad singers are a little more difficult to listen to when you’re drinking water.

3 thoughts on “Baby’s first karaoke night

  1. Lisa S says:

    I read your blog on JSonline and wanted to pass along 2 websites that I found useful regarding baby food. was great b/c I am a little illiterate in the kitchen and it was easy to learn how to cook and mash the food. (you are probably more advanced than this website, but there’s also good recipes and information. Also, I like for her unique baby food combinations and healthy approach to feeding the family.

    I never thought I would make my own baby food, but I did enjoy doing it and knowing exactly what I was feeding the little ones. (plus, it’s easy and cheap)

    ps, covered ice trays worked great for freezing. I got them at Bed, bath and beyond. You don’t need any gimmicky items to make it (ie, “kits” and such they sell at the baby stores.), but I’m sure it would be fun to buy/receive just the same.


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