24 weeks

Hello, belly.

This outfit definitely accentuates the bump. There are certain things you can wear that make you look a little puffy in the middle, and certain things that make you look preggo. I’ve been leaning toward the “looking preggo” outfits recently, a switch from my usual attire up until this point. More on clothes tomorrow though, with the long-awaited post on looking nice but comfortable for a business trip when pregnant.

Today in church we sang “In Christ Alone,” a song I’ve heard and sung many times and always loved. In fact, we included it in our wedding ceremony. I love how God makes certain lyrics speak to you at different times in your life, though. Yesterday morning when practicing the songs [I was singing on worship team this morning, a.k.a. leading the singing during the service] I got to the verse that says: “From life’s first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny,” and almost burst into tears right on the spot.

The surprisingly emotional reaction can be partially attributed to hormones, I’m sure, but I promise I’m not completely crazy. I honestly had never really paid attention to that particular line before, and with a little one growing inside me getting ready to make life’s first cry, it hit me like a slap in the face: Not only is this child in God’s hands from the second he/she enters the world, but even before that – as in , right now – God is in control. There is only so much I can do to protect this baby, and the rest is all God. Actually, even what I may think is me, is really God. What a comfort that I can rest “In Christ Alone” to command the destiny of this baby.

3 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. mcelweewife says:

    This is sooooooo true!!!!! I had started reading a book called “Give them grace; dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus,” and it’s so deep! Those old hymns are priceless, we just don’t really have beautiful poignant worship music now like they did back then.


  2. melodylynn says:

    Ah. The REAL reason you got flushed and needed to sit down? I don’t blame you for not sharing during rehearsal though, because talking about it usually makes the dam burst!


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