Prenatal belly dancing?

Oh yes, it exists. In this day, that’s not surprising.

The surprising thing is it exists a mere 10 minutes from my house, at Destination Maternity (a retail store, I believe) in Brookfield, Wis. And it’s free. Ha!

So I pretty much have no reason not to try it out, right? I mean, sure, I’ll probably feel incredibly ridiculous and uncoordinated and embarrassed (I’ve never been very good at any sort of dance-based exercise classes), but I’m not one to pass up on something so seemingly outrageous.

The good news is, aside from prenatal belly dancing, they offer free prenatal yoga, piyo and weights classes. I’m definitely interested in piyo, and will give the weights class a try (though I have a feeling it will seem really tame compared to Body Pump). If nothing else, it’s a good chance to meet some other pregnant ladies.

Here’s the class schedule. Apparently there is a binder at Destination Maternity where you can sign up for whichever classes you plan to attend. Destination Maternity is located at 16010 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield.

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