23 weeks

Another week already! I braved heels for church today, an extreme rarity even in my non-pregnant life. All was well until I had another crazy hot flash/feel-like-I’m-going-to-pass-out episode while standing around chatting after the service. I could blame the heels, but I think it would have happened regardless. I don’t think my body likes me standing in one spot for very long these days.

Right now I’m struggling with the strong urge to take advantage of Labor Day sales and buy cute maternity clothes online. The only problem is I’ve been getting by fine so far with some of my regular clothes and I have a hamper full of borrowed maternity clothes that I can start wearing as soon as I wash them… so I feel like I should just hold out for a while and see what I really need. Also, even on sale, the cute maternity stuff is all outrageously priced.

I might have to splurge on these jeans though. They’re 25% off and I could wear them to work. They’re also really long, which is hard to find in any reasonably priced jeans, let alone maternity. And if I’m going to splurge on nice jeans, it should probably be for the first pregnancy – maximum utility, right? Only problem is I have no idea if/how they will fit…

One thought on “23 weeks

  1. sarah (the SHU box) says:

    you look fantastic and not-at-all ambiguously pregnant 🙂 it’s funny how to people that know you, it’s probably 100% obvious and probably has been for a while, but to others it’s only 98% obvious [but risking it in case they were in that 2% just isn’t worth it!]


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