First (and second) public acknowledgment

I stood in the hotel lobby Saturday afternoon clad only in my bikini, turquoise cover up dress and my most comfortable flip flops. Bored and tired of waiting for an answer, I slouched against the front desk and eyed the bustling lobby. A tall, gangly man wearing nothing but a red speedo strutted up to the front desk. A young mom rested in a blue, leather chair and rocked a stroller back and forth. Hotel cleaning staff burst out of an elevator, Windex and rags in hand.

“Celeste, Tucson, AZ” her nametag read. The young, efficient brunette was the most helpful person I had talked to since my cell phone charger got cleared out of our previous hotel room right along with the dirty sheets. She rapped her fingers on the chest-high granite counter while apparently on hold with the person she was trying to reach, who presumably would help me locate my charger.

I glanced at her and we made eye contact before I diverted my attention to the elevators again.

“Do you know what you’re having?” Celeste asked.

I looked up at her, momentarily confused. Then it hit me.

“No, we’re not going to find out. We’ll keep it a surprise,” I answered and hopefully smiled despite the shock of this question out of the blue.

“Wow! I could never do that! I’d want to know too bad,” she smiled, twirling the phone cord between her fingers. I stammered something about being excited for the surprise. I guess I really do look pregnant, I thought.

She asked if I wanted a boy or a girl and I told her I had no preference. She asked if it was my first and I said yes. She told me she has two boys, but wanted a girl. I offered that she could always try again for a girl, then slyly attempted to see the status of her ring finger; it was bare. No, her two boys are more than enough to handle, she assured me.

The person on the other line picked up and Celeste switched back into work mode. They’d leave me a message by the end of the night with the final word on my phone charger. I thanked her and walked back out to the pool, trying to decide the whole way if she was being presumptuous by asking about my pregnancy or if it really is 100% obvious I’m expecting. I probably would have played it safe in that situation and not said anything unless it was crazy obvious, but I was giddy at the thought of my first public acknowledgment. This is real.


Sunday morning, we rolled out of bed just as the sun was peeking above the horizon and headed downstairs to meet our guide for a desert hike. Five others joined us: a mother/daughter pair and a set of middle aged, but fit, parents with their college-age daughter.

When we reached a suitable photo destination, I offered to take a photo of the family of three all together. The bouncy, blonde mom then returned the favor for us.

As she handed me the camera back, she smiled and said, “This will be a nice memory to have. You know, doing the hike while pregnant.”

I thanked her and agreed. Then proceeded to wonder just how huge my belly looked in my tank top.


I must really be coming along if two complete strangers in one 24-hour period assumed I was pregnant and said something to me about it. I do think they were both a little presumptuous, and could have gotten into some deep water if I was just rockin’ a weekend of indulgent eating. But I wasn’t – or, not entirely – so I’m happy they said something to me. It certainly surprised me and made my day(s).

6 thoughts on “First (and second) public acknowledgment

  1. Laure says:

    I believe that they were able to note that you are expecting because you are so incredibly fit- the only
    explaination for a little bump on you would have to be a baby


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