3 years

Well, our Tucson trip put me a little behind (so worth it, though!) and there’s lots to blog about. But since I’m already a day late, first I have to acknowledge our three year wedding anniversary, which was yesterday.

Three years! We don’t do anything too crazy for our anniversaries, but we have our little traditions already, like writing about the past year in a special notebook we started on our first anniversary and exchanging the “traditional” gifts (this year it’s leather, and we haven’t actually exchanged gifts yet because we’re both procrastinators and haven’t bought them!)

But this year we decided to pretend Tucson was an anniversary trip (even though it really was a work trip for me). We went out for a fancy dinner – actually, two fancy dinners, but only one of the restaurants acknowledged our anniversary. The one that did was called Primo, and was located at the resort and run by a James Beard Award-winning chef. We had a sweet little corner booth that provided a cozy seat and some good, discreet people watching opportunities.

Dessert was chocolate heaven with a sweet message.

Then of course we had to do something special on our actual anniversary too. Peter’s idea of a fun date is watching the Cardinals beat the Brewers.

(Peter says I look mysterious in that picture. Maybe uncomfortable is more accurate – my belly is starting to interfere with sitting comfortably.)

A fun game – and oddly, our first time to Miller Park this season.

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years already since our wedding day. If there were a day I could relive again, it would definitely be our wedding day. It was about as perfect as I could have imagined!


I’ve got lots of updates for the rest of the week. Things are changing rapidly around here, or at least it seems!

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