22 weeks

I’m a bit late on posting this – we’re already halfway through week 23 – but here’s how the belly is progressing, with a nice Arizona backdrop:

The bump is visible in the shadow even.

Swimsuit: Yes, I rocked a bikini again. I think it’s obvious at this point that I’m pregnant, but it’s entirely possible that I just look like I have a beer belly.

I meant to buy a tankini before this trip, but never had the chance, and now I’m glad I didn’t. I saw a woman at the pool one day who was majorly pregnant and wearing some sort of black maternity tankini. It was probably best to stay modest with her gigantic belly at that point, but it sure did look uncomfortable. I think my stomach was happy to get some sun and air, although it still is pretty pale. And yay for one more thing in my wardrobe still fitting right.

Kicks: The baby stayed active during the trip , and Peter was even able to feel some kicks from the outside! It was fun feeling little movements during the conference sessions too. Kept things interesting.

Heat: One thing I’m starting to notice more and more is that my body temperature is above average for me. This is mostly a good thing. Instead of freezing in the air conditioned conference rooms, I was comfortable with a light sweater or none at all. But in certain circumstances, especially if I’m standing for a while and there isn’t good air flow, it can get really uncomfortable. Tonight after our Bible study, our group was standing around in the kitchen eating root beer floats and talking, and after a while I started to feel sick. It was hot, I was sweaty, I had been standing for about 30 or 40 minutes and my body just couldn’t take it.

Weight Gain: I’m up approximately 10 pounds from my starting weight, which seems to be in a healthy range for me. It seems like the scale just jumped one day. I’m sure I gained a little extra in Tucson too, just because we ate so many decadent meals, but that will even itself out in a few days time.

Eating: My eating habits are pretty normal, though I do admit that I feel a lot more comfortable indulging in unhealthy treats now that it’s OK for my stomach to hang out. That said, overall I am pretty conscientious about making healthy choices. I know it’s important to get the right nutrients and that’s good motivation to order fruit as a side instead of fries or to eat a salad when the opportunity presents itself. Of course, dessert is part of a balanced diet too, right?

I do get full a lot faster these days. In fact, I’ve been trying to put a natural break in the middle of my meals – like after I start to get full, I’ll put down my fork for a few minutes and digest, and then sure enough a few minutes after that I’ll be ready to continue on with the meal.

Feet: If I’ve been on my feet a lot in one day, whether walking around or just standing in the kitchen cooking up a storm, I desperately need a food massage to relieve the pressure.  It takes way less than usual to get my feet to that exhausted point. Peter has been kind enough to indulge me, even when my feet are smelly, and I am eternally grateful for that relief.

Another First: An exciting milestone occurred this past week, and on that note, I’ll say goodnight and tell you about it tomorrow!

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