The first kicks

Every time I visit the doctor, the nurse who weighs me and takes my blood pressure, etc., asks if I have felt the baby yet. The first time she asked me this I got kind of defensive – it was only 12 weeks in, isn’t that a little early to feel any kicking? But at each subsequent visit, the question has just left me feeling kind of sad, like I’m behind because I haven’t felt anything yet.

That changed yesterday! 10:31 a.m., sitting in the pew at church, just after saying the Lord’s Prayer, I felt what seemed like a little muscle spasm about two inches to the left of my belly button. Then about 2 seconds later I felt another little spasm. It took me a moment before I realized what they were: kicks!

My immediate reaction was, ahh am I sitting in a position that is hurting the baby or something? But then I realized that was silly (I was just sitting like a normal human) and I became overjoyed that I could actually feel him or her. It was like a little love tap between us.

It also was a little surprising to feel it on my left side in the middle of my stomach, when the ultrasound a few days ago showed the legs all the way up in the top part of my abdomen and the head lower down. I guess I have a mobile little one, or I suppose it could have been little punches too. After all he/she was in a boxing stance on Thursday.

Can’t wait to feel more little love taps!

One thought on “The first kicks

  1. Katie says:

    yay! those first kicks are so fun! actually all the kicks are fun until the very end when you get concerned that you won’t have any ribs left 🙂 so excited for you…being a mom is pretty great!


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