Baby’s first clothes

I made it more than 20 weeks into my pregnancy without buying a single thing for our little peanut! Crazy, I know.

So until yesterday, baby’s wardrobe consisted of the following: An adorable Mizzou sweatshirt from my thoughtful friend Kristie (Peter and I – and Kristie – are Mizzou alumni) and these too-cute-for-words monkey tennis shoes and wristband rattle from my dear amiga Katie.

I know this little one is going to be spoiled by his loving grandparents and other family and friends, so I didn’t want to get too crazy with buying baby items just yet, but I have recently had my eyes peeled for rummage sales (garage sales if you’re not from Wisconsin) with baby items. That’s the perfect place to pick up good deals on clothes and toys that baby will outgrow quickly.

Yesterday I came across a sign proclaiming “Baby Girl Rummage,” and I had to check it out.

Of course, this little girl had only one color in her wardrobe: pink, so there wasn’t a whole lot of gender-neutral items to be found. I did find some steals though.

First up: this semi-impractical, cuddly, full-body suit.

Can’t you just picture a little Pooh bear inside?

Of course, it could be completely impractical for our kid, since it’s labeled 3-6 months, and that puts us in about April through June. But these Wisconsin springs can be pretty cold, doncha know.

There’s also this soft, Biggles-approved, lion blanket.

And out of probably hundreds of clothing items, these were the only ones I could picture either a boy or a girl in.

I think this is the perfect gender-neutral onesie.

Total cost for all of the above: $8.75

Yay, bargains!

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