‘One on the way, actually’

This morning was my week to go on The Morning Blend (local NBC morning show) and talk about what’s happening this weekend for Tap Milwaukee – an experience I’ve only done once before, and so was feeling pretty nervous about.

I sat on set going over all the locations and days and times in my head while waiting for my turn, and started chatting with the two women who were up before me – an organizer and a participant in the Dirty Girl mud run. Somehow they started talking about their pregnancies, and how they were so huge and tired at the end that they just wanted to give up on life.

One of them said, “In the last few weeks I remember just resigning myself to the fact that this was going to be my life from now on. I’d just wear mu-mus and have my husband help me put my socks on every day.”

The other woman said, “At one point, I was lying on our bed and I just told my husband, if our house starts on fire right now, I just don’t think I can get up to leave.” We all laughed.

Then she turned to me, “Do you have any kids?”

“One on the way, actually,” zing!

We all laughed again and they apologized for possibly terrifying/traumatizing me as I head into those long weeks of gigantic-ness.

The absurdity of the ill-timed conversation actually helped calm my nerves before my segment, so for that I thank them.

Here’s the segment. It went smoothly and I didn’t say anything ridiculous or inaccurate – hooray! I also think I successfully did not look obviously pregnant for yet another week (I do this every three weeks).

In other news, I made it to Body Pump again tonight! I was sore from Tuesday, but managed to keep the weights at the same level. Squats and lunges were particularly hard on sore muscles. I literally was on the verge of tears during lunges – and I’m not one to use the word “literally” and mean “figuratively.”

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a post for you on our final painting project from last weekend. I saved the best for last!

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