Weird pregnancy symptom of the week

Gum sensitivity.

Um, yeah.

About a month after I found out we were expecting, I had a dentist appointment. We still had only told our parents and siblings at this point, so it felt a little funny sitting in the dentist’s chair and talking with the hygienist about how I’d been feeling so far and when I’m due. I was chatting casually about this big news with a woman I’d just met (switched to a new dentist office) when it was still a big secret from all our friends. It also still seemed surreal to be talking about this at all, since it still was so new to me.

But, as with nearly every conversation I’ve since had with someone on the topic of pregnancy, I learned something. She told me my gums might become more sensitive.

Well, I noticed yesterday, they have. And it’s a little awkward. But there are definitely worse symptoms out there so I’m not complaining.

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