Pregnant at Body Pump

I have been far, far less active over these past four months than ever in my adult life (which I’ll consider to be the past 5 years).

In the early months of 2011, I intensely trained for and raced The American Birkebeiner cross country ski race (34.5 miles – recap here). Then I switched into half-marathon training mode and was building up some nice speed and endurance.

But in April, I became absolutely swamped at work. I barely had time to sleep or eat, let alone run. This lasted well into my first trimester, when even if I did have some free time to work out, I was way too tired to even think about it.

I’ve still been quite tired in my second trimester, but I’ve definitely gained back some energy. I really would like to take advantage of this time, when I’m not too big and have relatively more energy, and stay as active as possible. But I still haven’t been able to get back into the groove of working out.

It’s frustrating! I crave exercise, but never can muster up the drive to do it. I really think this is because I’ve fallen out of the habit. I’m stuck in a rut.

Today, I decided to change that. I packed my gym clothes and vowed to leave work by 5:15 so I could make it to the 5:35 Body Pump class. And whaddaya know, I did!

I was actually nervous walking in to class. I looked back at my records (yes, I keep a workout log…) and I haven’t been to Pump since May. May! I have been paying my $30-something a month YMCA membership for nada. Yikes. And the last Body Pump class, I remember, was early in my pregnancy and it was TOUGH.

Because of this, I took it light on the squat, chest and clean & press weights, but was feeling really good so went normal on the rest of the tracks. I will definitely be sore tomorrow, but it felt SO good to get back to the gym.

Last summer I had a Body Pump instructor who taught up until, it looked like, the very end of her pregnancy. She was intense, but inspirational, even then (if that pregnant lady can bench twice as much weight as me, then how can I not get through this track?). My doctor told me it’s fine to do all the exercises in the class for as long as I feel good, so hopefully I can continue for a while. If it starts to become too taxing on my body, of course I’ll stop, but today felt awesome.

It just takes one day and one decision to change a bad habit.

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