Sub-adventure: DIY home improvement

I‘ve been told that with pregnancy comes a nesting instinct.

I’ve never been a big nester, unless you count thinking of ideas for how to improve our house but never acting on them. Or buying picture frames on sale but never actually getting photos printed to put in them (and thus having a black and white photo of a very lovely looking mother-daughter pair whom I’ve never met staring at me from across the room right now). I haven’t thought much about the nursery, beyond the fact that it will be where our guest bedroom currently is and that we will not paint the walls.

But my mom got me motivated. Not to think any more about the nursery, but to start acting on all those ongoing wishes for the rest of the house. If we don’t have enough time or energy to paint the walls or finish the basement or update the kitchen now, we will most definitely not have enough time to do it once the baby arrives.

She offered her DIY home improvement services to us this entire weekend, and I finally was able to cross off three items that have been on my home to-do list for anywhere from 6 months to 3 years.

So this week you get to meet our bathroom tree (and say your last goodbyes to our bathroom tree), see how a bench update can dramatically change a room and learn how to modernize a 13-year-old fireplace in about 4 hours. Stay tuned for some posts documenting the process.

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