Goodbye bathroom tree

Since the day we first set eyes on our lovely home three years ago, I knew one thing.

This tree mural will go.

The previous owners had a rustic, outdoor, foresty theme going on in that bathroom, and it’s not really my style. And I mean, it’s a giant Christmas tree with toilet paper coming out of it.

But because I am a procrastinator and I lack energy for home projects like painting (which we’ve already established), the tree hung around for a while. Before I knew it, I began to see the tree as an interesting little quirk of our house. It was a “conversation piece” that we laughed at with our friends. It began to blend in, and soon I didn’t even notice it anymore.

We were getting into dangerous territory. The tree had to go eventually – I absolutely could not get attached.

I contemplated the idea of taking a picture of the tree, painting over it, then artistically Photoshopping the image and framing it on that wall.

Does that mean I grew attached?

(That idea’s still not completely off the table, by the way.)

But, alas, the tree’s final day has come and gone – a mere three years and 5 days after we closed on our house. Our bathroom looks brand new, and actually matches the plan I’ve been going for from the start. Here’s what happened…

One last look at our tree friend and the maroon accent walls…

…and then we said goodbye.

Except it took two coats of primer…

…and a coat of paint (Sherwin Williams Duration satin paint in Martha Stewart’s Calabash) …

…before he really was gone.

And goodbye, maroon walls. I didn’t hate you, but Tilled Soil is a better color.


Before and afters:

(Side note: WordPress, why do you make it so hard to display images side by side? This is the best I could get them.)

Total time: About 6-7 hours

Next steps: Find a shelf or a big piece of leafy art in a chocolate brown frame for above the toilet paper roll. Buy and install a chocolate brown mirror frame. Possibly change out the art in the two existing frames. Definitely switch to white frames there. Tile the floor (really need to get ambitious for that).

2 thoughts on “Goodbye bathroom tree

  1. litzy says:

    I always meant to ask you about your feelings on the tree…I was afraid to insult you!! But I laughed out loud reading this post – we actually looked at a house in Cedarburg last month that had the same exact painted tree in the bathroom. It was so funny – we called that house the “tree house” when we were referencing it in potential home discussions… 😉


    • Alison Sherwood says:

      haha… I used to prepare people for it before they entered the bathroom for the first time, but then we just got used to it so I kind of forgot how weird it was. I think that tree house was a sign that we were meant to have twin trees 🙂 Too late; ours is gone!


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