Pregnant in a bikini

So, I’m still kind of at that awkward I-don’t-look-pregnant-yet-but-my-belly-is-bigger stage, where I can cover up my bump most of the time, if I so desire, but if I don’t wear a loose top I look just like I have a beer gut.

There are pros to this stage.

  • I am not a house and can still go about my daily activities without my huge stomach getting in the way (I know that time will come).
  • If I go out to a bar or somewhere else pregnant ladies don’t normally hang out, no one really will notice I’m pregnant and give me weird looks.
  • If I don’t necessarily want someone to know I’m expecting, they don’t have to know.

But the cons are pretty obvious. If you don’t know me and my normal stomach shape (relatively flat), you probably think I am just chubby.

Not the end of the world. It shouldn’t even be a big deal because, heck, I’m not chubby… I’m pregnant, and it doesn’t matter if strangers think otherwise.

But I admit, I was a wee bit nervous to don a bikini when we were in Michigan last weekend at the beach.

When I got out there on the beach and in the river though, I reacted completely differently than I was expecting. I actually felt more comfortable than usual in that swimsuit.

I knew that my abs shouldn’t look toned and my tummy shouldn’t look flat. So I was completely comfortable letting loose. No sucking in or worrying about love handles. If other people on the beach think I’m just out of shape, who cares? There’s a baby in there!

It was oddly liberating. If only we were always this happy with our bodies – not striving for something better, but being comfortable with where we are and knowing that it’s fine.

Now I am a huge advocate for being fit and healthy and in shape, and I’m not saying you should be content to stay overweight if you are. But even when I’m in great shape, I still feel pressure to have the perfect abs (with no fat) if I’m going to feel comfortable in a swimsuit. In order for me to look like that, it would take more than just a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’d need to really work at it because even when I’m in shape, I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Most people don’t. And that’s OK!

So why does it take me being bigger than I’ve ever been to finally feel confident in a bikini? Because I’m happy with what my body is supposed to look like right now. No guilt. I hope next summer I feel the same way, even with no baby in there and no six-pack.

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