On not drinking

I had my first non-alcoholic beer today. It tasted fine (O’Doul’s red) but it was strange not getting a little buzz from it. I kept subconsciously expecting that to come.

I thought it would be really tough to abstain from alcohol while pregnant, but so far I haven’t even really had the desire to drink. Even if I’m around others who are drinking, I don’t wish I were able to.

I wonder what this says about me — I just drink because I’m expected to, not because I really want to?

That doesn’t seem right. I really do enjoy the taste and experience.

But it actually is kind of liberating sipping on a club soda or diet pop instead of a cocktail. I still have fun, even when my friends are drinking and I’m not, and I don’t have to worry about doing anything stupid or getting a hangover. Maybe this just means (when I’m not pregnant) I should start deliberately deciding whether I drink or not in a given situation based on what I really desire, not just what everyone else is doing. Not drinking is a totally fine, fun option.

The only times I’ve been really tempted are when I see a photo of a really tasty-looking margarita or mixed drink with lots of fun garnishes. A big honkin’ frozen margarita might have to be my first drink after Baby arrives, though it will be the middle of winter so it may sound less appealing then.

OK, now I really want a sip of that apple/tequila drink in the photo (from Rancho de Chimayo in New Mexico last summer)!

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