You’re on my mind

Yesterday and today I really had the chance to think. After work I drove to Middleton (near Madison) to go out to dinner with Peter and stay with him in his hotel that he’s working from. That’s almost 2 hours of alone (thinking) time in the car.

Then today, I drove back from Madison to meet back up with Peter at home (he had claims around here later in the day). What should have been a quick 1.5 hour drive ended up taking 3 hours because I was so lost in my thoughts that I missed the exit for 94 west and ended up getting just about to Baraboo before realizing I was headed in the wrong direction (“ohhh so that’s why there are so many Tommy Bartlett water show billboards…”) Shameful, I know.

So, what was on my mind?

Baby, of course. My head was so filled with daydreams of names and our future family (beyond just this baby) and whether we’ll have boys or girls or both and what they’ll all look like and be like and what we’ll be like as parents… the lines of thought were coming out of my head from every direction. I had to turn the radio off so it wouldn’t get in the way of these urgent and ongoing ponderings.

This was the first time I’ve really let my head run loose on this subject, and it seemed these two car rides weren’t even enough time to think everything I wanted to think.

In between the drives, I had a relaxing day at the Madison Farmers Market, wandering around, sitting outside and reading “A Visit from the Goon Squad.” That was me time.

But there’s something about driving a long stretch alone, with no radio and no distractions, that turns my mind to baby central. I enjoy every minute of it!

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